SONX is a Malaysian jewellery brand based in KUALA LUMPUR , founded in 2015 by WINSON XING.

Bracelets have long been adorn to draw the eye to the beauty of the wrist and hands. The look of a bracelet is effortless and can easily dress up any outfit. In addition, every natural gemstones has their own power and functions that could boost our luck, increase wealth and etc. Our aim is to harmonize the common functional gemstones and charm bracelets with the latest fashion looks with our main product, our signature natural gemstone bracelets.

Winson did not intentionally started this as a business or as a source of income. It all started when he fell in love first sight with a bead bracelet that was priced much higher than he could ever afford as a normal working adult.  Then, an idea came to him that he should learn how to make one of his own. Slowly, he developed a passion in designing different types of bracelets.

The bracelets he made caught the eyes of his families and friends. Everyone wanted to have a unique design of their own that no one else could ever get from the market. This became the start of his customizable gemstone bracelet business. With this, throughout the years SONX has broaden his accessory line from bracelets to necklaces and rings, even Shirts. From selling only to friends and relatives, to locals in malls, bazaar etc, now SONX is a brand selling worldwide through this very website you are in.

Every piece of our jewellery is handmade and tied based on the designs customized or selected. We ensure that each and every creation is made with the finest quality gemstones, high grade leather, crystal charms and pendants. Each of our collections has a beauty of its own. Today, SONX is staying loyal to it's original ideas and spreading the love of accessories to everyone in the world.

A warm welcome to SONX.

Best regards,
Winson Xing

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